Scattered to the Wind


If, like me, you’ve been haunted by headlines and images of people risking all to flee desperate conditions in the Middle East, perhaps you might want to understand more — Who are they, What are their stories, their motivations, their fates? The second of my Ploughshares blogs discusses three novels that take us there, into the heart of the migration crisis and the lives of individuals caught up in it.

Three debut novels published in recent years feature immigrant journeys from the Middle East and North Africa, shedding light on some of the human stories of the current global migration crisis. They give context to the untenable circumstances left behind, the hard gamble between risk and hope, and the lingering sense of a fragmented life that can haunt immigrant families for generations.

Laila Lalami’s Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits opens with migrants piling onto an inflatable boat off the Moroccan coast to begin a harrowing journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Spain.

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