Two Fall Updates

FallTwinTreesWe started with the little things: scraps of junk, things of no import or stuff we could do without. But soon we had to burn the things we needed, the things we loved. By the end, we let go of just about everything around us we held dear. We tossed it into the flames and watched it smolder.

So begins my story on the Siege of Sarajevo, out in the fall issue of Carve Magazine here, along with the award-winning stories from the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. Continue reading

The Reader Berlin Competition Shortlist

TheReaderBerlinIt’s an honor to be included in the top 25 shortlisted stories in The Reader Berlin’s short story competition of 2014, judged by Laura Hassan of Guardian Faber, Florian Duijsens (SAND, Asymptote) and author Brittani Sonnenberg (Home Leave, Grand Central Publishing). I’m looking forward to reading the top ten finalists in the forthcoming anthology! Follow The Reader Berlin here for more information on its publications, classes and events.